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Vinnytsia — a city of ideas


Working on the scenario of the project “Vinnitsa is a city of ideas”, we went in an interesting way. Our task was to make a commercial shot that would attract tourists to the Vinnitsa city. It is famous for its singing fountain with a light show. This is why tourists go to Vinnitsa. But as it turned out, there are many other attractions. And this was we needed to show. When we arrived to the Vinnitsa with our team, we were lucky to talk not only about the project, but also to spend our tourist day there. We had a task to show a lot of locations, but video should not have been ordinary. And in order to do this, we needed to go around the city for understand what locations we would use in the script.



Our characters come in different ways to see the Vinnitsa, but each chose their own tourist route. With the help of «split screens», we show 2 characters who spend their time in completely different ways. During the trip, they accidentally meet and began to explore Vinnitsa together. At the end of the main story, they did not have enough time to see the whole city. They run together on a train to don’t miss the way home, but in the last moment they decide to stay, because city impressed them so much. Vinnitsa is a city of ideas.

  • Client

    City Administration of Vinnytsia

  • Shooting

    3 days


Film director:

Samoilenko Olga


Gienko Oleg

Drone operator:

Shulyarenko Victor


Sokolova Liana


Polina Natalia




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