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Bolsynovska 4, Kyiv, Ukraine,
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Camping Ukraine company came to us after watching our video reviews for the Pyramid company. They really liked our lively embodiment of the product overview. They needed overviews of picnic sets and picnic furniture. It was the first time, when we shoot tables and chairs reviews. And honestly, it also was quite interesting. Because you need to show all details of furniture. And this is why you need to write a correct and convenient script on the very first stage of shooting. 



The idea to show the goods with using locations was successful. We visited the Botanical Garden, different parks of Kiev, and even were onto the terrace one of Kiev’s luxury houses. In addition to review of bags and furniture, we decided to do reviewing of the location. This is how we made the live look videos: invite a couple of young guys who will come to the Botanical Garden for a picnic and having a great time with goods from »Camping Ukraine».

  • Client

    Camping - picnic product

  • Shooting

    3 days


Film director:

Samoilenko Olga


Gienko Oleg


Sokolova Liana

Supervisor edit:

Polina Natalia


Kiryakova Nataliya


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