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Our task was to shoot 6 commercials in 26 continuous hours of filming. 18 actors, 15 people of the film crew and 4 duckling took part in the filming) There were more than 30 people on the set.

The complexity of the Liga Media project was to prepare for very difficult shootings in just a few days. In 5 days we got the script and we created a storyboard, assembled a film crew, found locations, actors, organized and produced the film-making process.

Each person in our team is responsible for own area of work, thanks to this, in a few days we managed to organize the shooting!


The Media League provided us with a ready-made script that needed to be realize. The plots of 6 commercials were completely different. We had to make each in its own individual style, without departing from the general concept. One of the videos was like a movie clip, this is why we decided to invite a sound engineer. For other videos, we needed 20 kg of fresh noodles, which were delivered to us during the filming of these episodes. Also, for one of videos, we were needed chickens that were about to hatch. These 26 hours were unforgettable.

  • Client

  • Shooting

    26 hours


Film director:

Samoilenko Olga


Evgeniy Usanov


Katya Bonya


Polina Natalia




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