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Caer Sidi — 2D


We worked with Caer Sidi company for the first time. Caer Sidi is a unique service for gamers and developers that works with a distributed registry and allows you to make game content cross-real:

One of the projects: in game there is a character who is transferred to the real world (in the form of a figure) and game content is tied to him.  Scanned the figure — received a “bun” in the game or the same character. The task of video was to present to the consumer how it works. This was completely new project for us, and complicated at first sight, because the entire team did not understand the gaming business, except our scriptwriter. He quickly understood what the task was; so it was not difficult for us to write a script and create a 2D video.



The video briefly shows how the player plays on his computer, then he goes to the rack where the figures are, takes one of the figures, scans and this figure is integrated into his game. He can do the same with other figures and implement them to the game. He playing on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Each figure has its own NFC chip. Through this chip, the figure is integrated into the game.

  • Client

    Caer Sidi

  • Production

    2 weeks


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